Electrologist selection and the visit that follows

Seek an Kansas state licensed electrologist that practices "needle electrolysis"

How to select an electrologist

The internet and referrals from friends, beauty professionals and physicians are often sources of finding an electrologist. However, not every business that advertises as an "electrologist" or lists "permanent hair removal" as a service acutally performs electrolsyis, but instead offers temporary hair removal or permanent hair reduction. The only hair removal method that offers permanent hair removal is "needle electrolysis".

Therfore, one should ask the business if the specific service of "needle electrolysis is provided.


Likewise, be aware that not every state regulates the practice of electrology. Those who seek a Kansas state licensed electrologist can be assured that their electrologist has received proper training and has passed testing from the Kansas Board of Cosmetology to become state licensed. Within the state of Kansas, an electrology facility license and an electrologist license is required to permform electrology services, and each facility is subject to a surprise inspection by the Kansas State Board of Cosmetology to assure state laws are followed.


Currently, the state Kansas requires at least 500 clock hours of electrolysis school as well as a written theory exam and a written practical exam. Electrologists should be motivated "life-long learners" in their profession meaning their education continues after electrolysis school via educational events and professional publications which relate to the field of electrology.


Seek out a member of the Kansas Association of Professional Electrologists to perform your permanent hair removal needs since each member is a Kansas state licensed electrologist and performs "needle electrolysis".

What to expect during your consultation.

The electrologist has you complete a health history form, explains how the treatment works, discusses the risks of treatment and provides instructions for taking care of your skin after the treatment. The electrologist also explains how normal post-treatment skin appears and answers any questions you have regarding the treatment. The treatment room should appear clean and an handwashing sink as well as a dry heat or autoclave sterilizer for sterilizing forceps should be located in or adjacent to the treatment room. The electrologist also explains office policies and procedures that affect you.

What to expect during the treatment

The electrologist washes/sanitizes hands before and after the treatment. The electrologist wears protective gloves during the treatment. The electrologist uses sterile disposable filament/needle. Tools used during the treatment are handled in a sanitary manner. The electrologist cleanses your skin before treatment begins. While the application of current does sting, there is no extreme pain or pressure when the filament/ needle is inserted. A treated hair in the active growth cycle generally will slide out of the follicle with little, if any, tweezing sensation. 

What to expect after the treatment

The electrologist applies post treatment care to the treated area. The electrologist disposes of the filement/needle in the sharps container, places the forceps in a soaking container and discards cotton used during your treatment along with protective gloves. The electrologist washes/sanitizes hands immediately after treatment. In the rare event you have any concerns after leaving the treatment, your electrologist will want you to hear from you. Follow your electrologist's directions for home care and temporary hair removal methods between treatments.

Be patient

Permanency is achieved when all germinative cells within the follicle are destroyed.    

For a best electrolysis experience

Follow these tips

Arrive on time or a few minutes early for your treatment

Rushing creates adrenalin and stress in your body which prevents you from relaxing and therefore your treatment may not be as comfortable. Also, your electrologist will thank you for being on time. 

Clean skin releases unwanted hair more easily

Removing your makup on areas to be treated prior to treatment allows for clean and accessible hair which helps the electrologist to work efficiently and with more precision.

Drink plenty of water the day before and day of treatment

Hydrated tissues around the hair follicle led to more comfortable and more efficient treatments, so avoid caffeine and other dehydrating beverages the night before and day of your treatment.

No tweezing or waxing in-between treatments

Essentially, waxing is mass tweezing. A tweezed hair takes a number of weeks for the replacment hair to appear from thtat same follicle which interfers greatly with your progress. Hair grows in cycles and not all the hair you have shows at the same time.

Ask your electrologist for post-treatment care advice

Talk to your electrologist if you have any skin concerns the day after treatment.

Go to the restroom prior to treatment

You will relax better and be more comfortable. 

The time inteval between treatments is important

Unwanted hair grows in cycles. For the best permanency results, follow your electrologists advice for the time inteval between treatments. Skipped treatments usually interfere with your results.

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