How To Select an Electrologist:


The internet, the Yellow Pages, and referrals from friends, beauty professionals and physicians are often sources of finding an electrologist in Kansas.

Kansas licensing information.
Not every state regulates the practice of electrology. Those who seek electrology in the state of Kansas can be assured that their electrologist has received proper training and has passed testing from the Kansas Board of Cosmetology to become state licensed. There is also an electrology facility license required for the practice of electrology, and each facility is subject to a surprise inspection by the Kansas State Board of Cosmetology to assure state laws regulating electrologists are followed.

Kansas training requirements.
In Kansas, a licensed electrologist is required to have at least 500 clock hours of training. To become licensed, they must then take a written and practical exam. However, education should be ongoing. An electrologist who cares about their profession will attend several continuing education events each year, and they will subscribe to professional publications. The Kansas Association of Professional Electrologists provides educational events and KANSAS BOARD OF COSMETOLOGY

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DISCLAIMER: Go to the KBOC Statutes & Regulations to check for updates in the statutes and regulations. This page is information gathered as of November, 2009, is not complete and may not reflect current regulations. The Kansas Association of Professional Electrologists (KAPE) encourages you to call the state board office at 785.296.3155 for the most up-to-date information. The KAPE and it's members are not responsible for any errors found on this page.

Licensed versus certified.
A state licensed electrologist has followed the minimum requirements for becoming licensed. The state does not require or provide certification for electrologists. Certification is provided on a national level for electrologists who strive to increase their knowledge in the profession. Certification is attained by examination and maintained with continuing education.

What to expect during your consultation.

The electrologist has you complete a health history form, and gives you a list of the risks of treatment and instructions for taking care of your skin after the treatment. The electrologist explains how the treatment works, and answers any questions you have regarding the treatment. The electrologist uses disposable filaments/needles and has a sharps container for used disposables. There is a dry heat or autoclave sterilizer for forceps. The treatment room is clean, well lit, well ventilated and has hot and cold running water. The electrologist explains office policies or procedures that affect you.

What to look for during the treatment.

The electrologist washes hands before and after the treatment. The electrologist wears protective gloves during the treatment. Tools used during the treatment are handled in a sanitary manner. The electrologist cleanses your skin before treatment begins. While the current application does sting, there is no extreme pain or pressure when the needle is inserted.
The hair is removed with little or no tweezing sensation - it slides out of the follicle when treated in the active growth phase.
The electrologist applies post treatment care to the treated area. The electrologist disposes of your needle in the sharps container, places the forceps in a soaking container and discards cotton used during your treatment along with protective gloves.
The electrologist washes hands immediately after treatment.

What to expect after the treatment.
Your electrologist will explain what normal skin reactions to expect after a treatment. In the rare event you have any after treatment concerns after leaving the treatment, your electrologist will want you to hear from you. Follow your electrologist's directions for home care and temporary hair removal between treatments.

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